About Us

iBee constantly pursues various innovative solutions for industries and currently working on new areas

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Who we are

Young and energetic company, with a vision of bringing latest digital technologies into the mainstream for various industries. Backed up by as much as research possible. Out of the box thinkers who believe in creative and innovative usage of technologies for improving day to day operations.

We focus on bringing innovative ways to bring in value to customers and provide optimized models of operations. Currently we are focused on Education and academics as we believe that this is where the foundation starts.

What we do

@ iBee we are currently engaged in providing digital education platform. We bring CAMU which is an advanced digital campus platform which is making waves for innovative and ease of use model. CAMU is a brainchild of OCTOZE and iBee brings this to Middle east and Africa and Subcontinent. iBee is also involved in providing digitalization services to academics and industry in bringing digital technology for learning and training.

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Our Principles

OCTOZE Technologies, where CAMU was born is our humming engine. Octoze lives on creating world class solutions to education industry.

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To learn more about Octoze: www.octoze.com

Our Principles

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